Artisans of
Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997
Artisans of
Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997
Artisans of
Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997
Artisans of
Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997
Artisans of
Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997
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Artisans of Extraordinary Travel
Since 1997

The Marvelous Mayan World:
Discover, Explore, Live

Mayan Destinations takes you by the hand for journeys through the magical world of the Maya past and present. We’ve handcrafted Yucatan tours from introductory programs to more adventurous and in depth experiences guided by experts in anthropology, archaeology, mysticism, wellness, photography and more.

Join us for extraordinary experiences beyond

your average Mayan ruins tours!

Why Travel With Us?

Reasons why you must book an adventure with us.
Active Local

Do you know
how many
unique places

are waiting to
be discovered?

A look at the contemporary Maya, from its
natural environment and its… ROOTS!

Immerse yourself in the lives of local indigenous families, visit popular
markets to delight your senses with the bright colors and delicious aromas
of the local produce and art. Learn about the traditions and customs of
this fascinating culture in an experience that goes beyond your typical
Mayan ruins tours.

Experience the grandeur
of the Mayan World

Do you want to join a group?

Guaranteed departures from 2 passengers,
with fixed departure dates.

Do you want to travel at your own pace and in your own language?

Our private tailor made circuits are
an excellent option, a VIP experience
with expert local guides bringing you
to the hidden corners
and iconic attractions
of the Yucatan.

Explore the Mayan World with our
made to measure, custom Yucatan circuits

Would you like to join us on a tour of some of the greatest attractions of the ancient and enigmatic Maya civilization, from the Peninsula of Yucatán, to the Petén region, and all the way to the Guatemalan highlands? The dominance of the Maya extended over much of the Mexican southeast and Central America, and they are still considered a “living culture”. Take out your passport, and for 11 days, we will learn about their different architectural styles, we will enjoy areas of incomparable natural beauty, World Heritage Sites, and beautiful colonial cities with great historical significance. 


Did you know that the ancient and enigmatic Maya civilization that spread over much of southeastern Mexico and Central America is still considered a “living culture”? Take out your passport, and join us to visit some of their greatest attractions in the Peninsula of Yucatán, the Petén region, and all the way to the Guatemalan highlands. During 9 days, we will spend time in spectacular archaeological zones with different architectural styles; in several World Heritage Sites; in areas of incomparable natural beauty; in beautiful colonial cities that witnessed events of great historical importance; and in towns with fascinating displays of both the fusion and the great contrasts between the ancient Maya culture and the traditions that were adopted as a result of the Spanish conquest. Would you like to know more about this circuit? 

If you found a way to visit two impressive archaeological sites and some of the essential attractions of the Peninsula of Yucatán in a single day, would you sign up immediately? This unparalleled region is renowned for its remarkable natural beauty; its beautiful colonial cities with great historical significance; and the strong presence of the enigmatic Maya civilization, with its incredible technological advances, massive material and cultural wealth, and even one of the New Seven Wonders of the Modern World. You can even cool off in the crystalline waters of a cenote! Would you like to know more about this circuit?

Creating Memorable Stories

Excellent company! From the reception, the staff and the food is incredible! It’s definitely totally worth it, I recommend you buy the roots experience. Great experience, I would definitely come back.
Clara K.
I will be recommending it to all my family and friends!!! The tours are 5 star as is the staff. I cannot wait to return for another visit soon.
Josh N.
Family vacation with lots of great memories. Fernando made sure that we had what we needed to make our experience a wonderful one. He took care of special requests.
Ana S.
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